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The Sandal Magna Coronation Souvenir Mug - commemorating the Coronation in 1902 of King Edward VII.

Click to enlarge. Sandal Hall at the junction of Barnsley Road and Walton Lane.

Originally set in Sandal Park, the building was built of stone, it was re-clad in brick by Thomas Holy Holdsworth when he bought the property in 1865. The estate has a long history and changed much over the years; land was lost when improvements were made to Barnsley Road many years ago, then the railway was built across the estate. Later, estate land was used for residential development and the estate as such no longer exists.

Find out more about Sandal Hall Estate in "Sandal Magna, Poverty and Prosperity in the 19th Century" by Mary Ingham and Barbara Andrassy, 1988 (ISBN 09506442 2 6).
[July 2009]


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Old cottages at Woodcroft on Barnsley Road.
[20th January 2010]

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Big build-up, then seemingly over in minutes, but a great spectacle! Le Tour de Yorkshire speeding along Barnsley Road in Sandal.

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Le Tour de Yorkshire passing the junction of Barnsley Road and Manygates Lane.
■ Tour de Wot

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Sandal Library, situated behind the Tesco Express shop* on Barnsley Road.
(*formerly the Forester's Arms pub)

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Sandal Grange.
[September 2010]

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Castle Terrace, viewed from Barnsley Road.
[May 2017]

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A busy day at the post office and the Spring Shop and Café, Barnsley Road.
Find out more about the Spring at [accessed 31 Oct 2018]
[Photograph May 2012]

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Back in the days of trams, Barnsley Road by the Castle pub.

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Castle Road, viewed from Barnsley Road.
[May 2017]

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The junction of Agbrigg and Barnsley Roads.
[May 2012]

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Another look at the days of trams, Cross Lane, Agbrigg Lane.

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Sandal Hall, Barnsley Road.
[April 2009]

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Barnsley Road, not far from St. Helen's Church.
Barnsley Road was once a turnpike, i.e. a toll road.
[January 2010]
Read more about turnpikes.


Click to enlargeThe Alcove in Barnsley Road near the Spring café and post office.. As well as the village pump, there is an interesting small, gabled building.
The pump, installed in 1865, was refurbished in 2001 with the help of Wakefield South Ward Councillors and the Wakefield Historical Society.
The building is listed as described below.
[31 May 2012]

Cross of St. George Listed - English Heritage
Find out more on Images of England.
IoE Number: 441439. Location: Alcove Immediately east of Number 236, Barnsley Road (West Side), Wakefield, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. 
Date listed: 01 February 1979. Grade II. Description: Date in gable peak: 1845. Small square gabled stone building possibly built to home a pump or public seat. Tudor arched opening.
Corner piers with pyramidal tops and blank shields in frieze.

Click to enlargeCottages in Agbrigg Lane at the junction with Barnsley Road.

Listed - English Heritage
Find out more on Images of England.
IoE Number:441418

Location: Agbrigg Road (south side)
Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Date listed :01 February 1979. Grade II. IoE Number: 441409.

Click to enlarge.Converted farm building in Castle Road.
[May 2012]
Listed - English Heritage
Find out more on Images of England.
IoE Number:441736
Location: Stable building to north of no. 17, Castle Road (south side), Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
Date listed: 01 February 1979. Grade II

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