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This section deals with the canal stretch commencing south of Doncaster Road, passing by Agbrigg and ending at Oakenshaw Lane by the Railway Viaduct in Walton.

At the northern end, towards its union with the River Calder, the canal originally followed the line of Oakenshaw Beck (the same beck also flows through what later became the Walton Colliery Nature Park), but the line of the canal was altered in 1816 and a new lock built at the junction of the canal and the river.

Signs of the canal in the Heath area, where it met the river, are now faint. Stone for the canal was quarried in Heath Common. The canal brought prosperity to the quarry owners, the Seal family, and to local traders along its route. This map of the canal from the River Calder to Oakenshaw Junction is from the Ordnance Survey 1st Edition of 1841, with some later revisions to the railways to 1885.

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The footpath runs along the towing path between Oakenshaw Lane and Agbrigg. The canal ends before Doncaster Road and the footpath continues into Agbrigg.
30th June 2010.
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Near the end of this stretch of the canal at Agbrigg with Doncaster Road in view. The train is the Grand Central West Riding service from Bradford Interchange to London Kings Cross via Wakefield Kirkgate and Pontefract Monkhill.
30th June 2010.
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The canal loops around in the direction of Oakenshaw Lane. The railway bridge across the canal is in the distance.
© John S. Sargent, July 2000.
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Another stretch kept clear for anglers. The canal in the direction of Oakenshaw Lane.
© John S. Sargent, July 2000.
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The canal in the direction of Oakenshaw Lane, Walton. The Oakenshaw Railway Viaduct over the canal is just visible.
30th June 2010.
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The canal in the direction of Doncaster Road. A rural scene - on the far bank, at least.
30th June 2010
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The canal viewed northwards from Oakenshaw Lane at Walton. The canal ends at this point, to reappear in water a hundred metres or so further south inside the Walton Colliery Nature Park for a short stretch .
© John S. Sargent, 1st January 2010.
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