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Barnsley Canal Main Page

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warehouse at Barnby Basin

Barnby Basin - end of the line. The warehouse at the canal terminus. It has now been demolished
The canal basin was just to the west of the embankment of the M1 Motorway northbound carriageway, and immediately to the north of the A635, Lane Head Road. There is little visible now of the industrial past of this area.

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Survivors from the days of the canal. This row of cottages is located at the end of the canal adjacent to the Silkstone Waggonway (now dismantled). The road is the A635 between Cawthorne and Barugh, close by to the M1 motorway. The canal basin was just to the north of this road.
[22 Jul 2011]
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Another survivor - this cottage was at the southern end of the basin. The waggonway passed to the left of this house between it and the row of cottages in the previous picture.
[22 Jul 2011]
Barnsley Canal Barnby Basin
Diagram of the canal towards Barnby Basin.
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Silkstone Waggonway 1809. The waggonway or railway was built in 1809 by the Barnsley Canal Navigation Co. to transport coal from the collieries in the valley 2 1/2 miles from Silkstone Cross to the terminus of the canal at Barnby Basin.
[November 2010]
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Barnsley Canal and Silkstone Waggonway map from the notice board at Barnby Basin..
[July 2011]

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