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 Navigate the Barnsley Canal main sections by using the 'Related Pages' menu on the right. The pages are listed from the River Calder, Wakefield to Barnsley, and on to Barnby Basin.

The Aqueduct before demolition

The Aqueduct Picture Gallery views of and around the dismantled aqueduct in the Dearne Valley)

Map of the aqueduct area in 1855.

The Barnsley Canal, Great Aqueduct and junction with the Dearne and Dove Canal in 155.

Click to enlarge Being in a coal mining area, subsidence was a constant threat to the canal's structural integrity; this photograph shows the partial collapse of the aqueduct and adjacent embankment. This major breach of the canal occurred on 20th November 1911, when subsidence caused part of the aqueduct and the adjacent embankment to collapse. Repairs were not completed until 10th July 1912, when the canal was reopened, and much revenue was lost.

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Another old postcard showing the breach at the aqueduct in 1911.
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The aqueduct during demolition.
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Another view of the aqueduct before demolition.
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View from the aqueduct footbridge eastwards along Dearne Valley..
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This is a view of the aqueduct footbridge taken from the north bank of the River Dearne. An illusion of wooded countryside, but the Dearne Valley here is not far from houses and industrial sites. It serves as a green corridor in the midst of urbanisation.
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The wooden footbridge.
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On the southbank, the steps down to the footbridge.
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The canal route to the north of the aqueduct.
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The River Dearne at the site of the Barnsley Aqueduct. The aqueduct itself has been replaced by a wooden bridge set on the original footings of the aqueduct.
[1st February 2012]
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View of the footbridge from the riverside footpath.
[1st February 2012]
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On the southbank, the steps down to the footbridge.The remains viewed from the river bank.
[1st February 2012]


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