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Old Mill and Aqueduct map 1988.

A stretch of the canal is still in water in a pleasant setting on the southern side of the River Dearne. The aqueduct itself has been replaced by a wooden bridge set on the original abutments of the aqueduct. The Barnsley Canal and the Dearne and Dove Canal meet just by the aqueduct.

Other parts of the canal have been filled in as part of reclamation schemes or built upon. A section from the aqueduct to a car park near Harborough Hill Road was restored in 1984 by the Barnsley Trades Council Community Programme Scheme.

Part of the canal was used as a car park by the B&Q DIY store that was located in the middle of the large roundabout by Old Mill. This is the section of the route between Harborough Hill Road Bridge and Old Mill Lane Bridge. B&Q have since vacated the site.

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Twibwell (aka Twibell) Street is to the left of these cottages, the canal route is to the right. Photographed from the Old Mill roundabout, looking eastwards.
[01 Feb 2012]

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Traces of the Barnsley Canal in the former B & Q DIY Store car park located on the large roundabout at Old Mill.
[7th August 2002]


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Twibwell Street looking westwards to the Old Mill Roundabout that houses PC World. The canal was to the left, behind these cottages.
[01 Feb 2012]
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The canal route is behind these cottages in Twibwell Street.
[01 Feb 2012]
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