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 Navigate the Barnsley Canal main sections by using the 'Related Pages' menu on the right. The pages are listed from the River Calder, Wakefield to Barnsley, and on to Barnby Basin.

Barnsley Canal Walton Locks 11 to 15.

Map of Walton Locks 11 to 15
Soap House Bridge, passing the Cherry Tree Estate on to Walton Hall Bridge

This part of the canal runs from the now demolished Soap House Bridge (also known as High Town Bridge) at Shay Lane to the canal summit at Lock 15 - about 5 km from the River Calder at Heath. The canal towing path swopped sides (east to west) at Lock 14.
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On this stretch the canal has been filled in and forms part of the Trans Pennine Trail and National Cycle Route 67.

Further south, from Lock 15, mud and some water are present beneath Walton Hall Bridge and on towards towards Haw Park Bridge* and the Stoneheaps Cutting. This section canal route passes between the Cherry Tree and The Grove residential estates, and to the west of Walton Park (a.k.a. Waterton Park).
(*On a few recent maps, published elsewhere, there is a typo, and Haw Park Bridge is referred to as 'New Park Bridge'.)


Wherever I lay my hat .... (I'll probably lose it!).

Wherever I lay my hat .... (I'll probably lose it!).

A hat, lost on the Trans Pennine Trail between The Grove
and Cherry Tree estates.

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1. A burst of blossom.
The route of the canal between The Grove and Cherry Tree, looking towards Soap House Yard. This area once contained a number of makeshift garages, now long gone. It is now quite a pleasant green space between two housing estates.
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2. Canal route (now a public footpath and part of the Trans Pennine Trail) adjacent to the Cherry Tree Estate near Lock 13.
[© John S. Sargent, June 2000]
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3. Lock 14, looking south along the Trans Pennine Trail.
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4. The Upper Lock Keeper's Cottage and the towing path bridge. Situated at Lock 14 (Shaw's Lock), Walton (Waterton) Park is behind the cottage. not the clearest picture, but it gives an idea. Photographed in the early 20th century. Courtesy John Goodchild Loan Collection.
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5. Another view of Lock 14 (Shaw's Lock). The cottage may also have been known at one time as "Peacock's". This picture was taken in the mid-1920s. The lock-keeper's cottage, bridge and most of the lock have now gone.
[Photograph: D.M. Thompson]
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6. Lock 14, houses on the Cherry Tree Estate are behind the lock to the right, down a steep bank. [2016]
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7. The western side of the lock, i.e. former Grove House Farm land (now Waterton Green) side.
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8. About 5 km from the River Calder, Lock 15, the canal summit near Walton Hall Bridge, looking north. Walton Park is to the right.
[© John S. Sargent, June 2000]
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9. This gateway in the wall leads from the canal near Lock 15 into Walton Park on the Waterton Trail. A locked gate is now in place and the public right of way access is via a nearby wooden bridge over the canal.
[© John S. Sargent, October 2000]
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10. Lock 15 photographed in 2016, recently cleared of undergrowth.
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11. The Trans Pennine Trail and National Cycle Route 67, at Lock 15, looking south, photographed in 2016.
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12. About 5 km from the River Calder, Lock 15, the canal summit, near Walton Hall Bridge.
[© John S. Sargent, October 2000]


Lock 15 is included in the Wakefield MDC Local Development Framework (LDF) and is designated as an Archaeological Site AS 101 CLASS II BARNSLEY CANAL LOCK, WALTON.

Local Development Framework
Find out more about the LDF at Wakefield MDC.
Try searching for 'LDF Walton' or 'Walton Neighbourhood Plan'.

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