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Barnsley Canal - Clay Royd Bridge

Clay Royd* Bridge is between Haw Park Bridge (Sike Lane / Stoneheaps Plantation) and Blue Bridge. It can be reached from Walton and Cold Hiendley via the Trans Pennine Trail and from Anglers Country Park through Haw Park Woods.
(* 'royd' is an old Yorkshire term for a clearing.)

The towpath back to Walton was restored in May 2001 as part of the Trans Pennine Trail. Photographed August 2000.

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1. A towing pulley near Clay Royd Bridge.
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2. Clay Royd Bridge in Haw Park Woods.
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3. Haw Park The towpath in Haw Park Woods between Clay Royd and Blue Bridges.
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4. The topside of Clay Royd Bridge. Since this photograph was taken, the bridge has been refurbished and the path and platform improved.
[June 2000].
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5. Canal boat pulley (see close-up in photograph 1), near Clay Royd Bridge. This is at a sharp bend in the canal as it heads towards Blue Bridge.
[April 2010]
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6. View southwards at Clay Royd Bridge. The footpath, part of the Trans Pennine Trail, continues along the old tow path towards Cold Hiendley through Haw Park Woods.
[June 2004]
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