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 Navigate the Barnsley Canal main sections by using the 'Related Pages' menu on the right. The pages are listed from the River Calder, Wakefield to Barnsley, and on to Barnby Basin.

Barnsley Canal Lower Town Stretch

This part of the canal runs past Manor Estate, Lower Town, the allotments and Walton Locks.
The canal has been filled in or built on.

Low Town Bridge has survived but the locks have gone, although some remnants remain.

 See also Bridge House and Low Town in Around Walton.

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1. Lower Town Bridge. All overgrown, with traces of the canal largely disappeared. The last vestige of the canal in water is by Walton Hall Bridge, further south.
Photographed 24 Dec 2009.
© John S. Sargent.
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2. Low Town Bridge: viewed from School Lane looking eastwards. The track continues on past the old chip shop, to the allotments, past farmland and on to the playing field. A footpath branches off to go past the Walton Social Club to Elmwood Estate and Shay Lane at Soap House Yard. The notice stuck to the telegraph pole relates to the proposal to demolish the nearby abandoned cottage, Bridge House. The house, though somewhat neglected for many years, is still there.
Photographed May 2000
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3. The lower lock-keeper's cottage photographed in January 2001.
© John S. Sargent.
See also Manor Estate.
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4. View southwards from the remains of Lock 7 towards Low Town Bridge, just visible between the trees and bushes.
[23 Jul 2001]

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5. View towards School Lane in Low Town, showing the sadly neglected shell of Bridge House.
Photographed June 2000. © John S. Sargent.
See also Bridge House.
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6. Similar view to the picture on the left. The bridge seems to be going the same way as the canal, i.e. it is vanishing.
Photographed 9th May 2004. © John S. Sargent
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7. View of the locks towards Soap House Bridge (Walton Locks). Date uncertain, possibly early 20th century. Now, allotments are on the left of the canal route and houses and gardens now occupy the canal route and the area on the right. (This scene is used as the front cover of Peter Wright's "A History of Walton".)
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8. The canal route northwards towards the Lower Lock Keeper's Cottage.

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9. Bridge House viewed from the canal route..
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