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Overtown Miscellany - Calder & Hebble Navigation
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Fall Ings Cut The Calder and Hebble Navigation is a broad canal (i.e. with 14-feet-wide, 4.3 m, locks and bridgeholes) in West Yorkshire, England. It has remained navigable since it was opened.
The Navigation starts in Wakefield at Fall Ings Lock, where there is ajunction with the Aire and Calder Navigation and runs upstream through Wakefield, crossing the M1 motorway near junction 39, to Mirfield. After Mirfield there is a junction with the Huddersfield Broad Canal. The Navigation ends at Sowerby Bridge, where there is an end-on junction with the Rochdale Canal.

Other towns on the navigation include Horbury, Dewsbury and Brighouse. The former branch to Halifax is no longer navigable, except for a stub now known as the Salterhebble Arm.

Construction started in November 1759 and additions and improvements were made well into the 19th century.

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Fall Ings Lock, this is where the Calder & Hebble and Aire & Calder Navigations meet. Fall Ings Cut goes upstream from the lock to Wakefield Flood Lock at Wakefield Waterfront.
See more pictures of Fall Ings Lock.
[August 2009]

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Wakefield Flood Lock, now encompassed by the, as yet incomplete, regeneration of Wakefield's River Calder waterfront. This is at the upstream end of Fall Ings Cut. The cut enables boats to travel up from the Aire & Calder Navigation to Wakefield Pond and beyond.
More pictures of the Flood Lock here

[October 2009]

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River Calder - Calder & Hebble Navigation to the west of Wakefield. Looking downstream towards the city. The railway bridge carries the Doncaster - Leeds spur of the East Coast Mainline.
See more pictures of this stretch between the Wakefield Waterfront and Calder Island.
[September 2009]

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Thornes Lock at Calder Island at the eastern end of Thornes Cut.
[September 2009]

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Broad Cut on the Calder & Hebble Navigation.
More pictures of the Broad Cut here.

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Mirfield to Brighouse.
This is the Richard Oastler pub in Brighouse. More pictures of this section here.

[November 2012]

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Brighouse to Sowerby Bridge. Elland is included in this section.
Photograph of Cromwell Bridge, made in Leeds, 1895.
More pictures of this section here.
[October 2012]

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Photograph of Elland no later than 1908. Both the canal (left) and the River Calder are shown.
[Ily Spencer, Southgate, Elland]

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The Halifax Arm joins the mainline at Salterhebble Locks and ends at Exley Basin. Hebble Brook (the 'Hebble' part of the canal's name) flows into the River Calder in this area. More pictures of the Halifax Arm here.

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More pictures of the Calder and Hebble Navigation at Wakefield's Waterfront here.

[April 2014]

■ Calder & Hebble Route Diagram ■
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Wakefield and Wool, John Goodchild, 1981.
Wakefield and Wool,
John Goodchild, 1981.
Wakefield Historical
ISBN 0 901869 10 4
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Calder and Hebble Navigation