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Eulalie BanksGuyana interest: Eulalie illustrated Stella Mead's book Through the British Commonwealth: British Honduras, British Guiana, West Indies.

Born Eulalie Minfred Banks (1895–1999), she was a notable illustrator of children's books. Born in Brockley, south-east London. She started her career in drawing at the age of 12 years, designing Christmas cards. When only 15 years of age she landed her first job as an illustrator for a children's page in a woman's magazine. At the age of 18 years, she published her first book: Bobby in Bubbleland. She was both author and illustrator.

In 1916 she married Arthur L. Wilson, a Captain in the British Expeditionary Forces (B. E. F.) in the Great War. In 1918 she moved to Alberta, Canada and to the United States in 1919. In 1921 she had a child, Athalie Wilson Neely. She divorced Arthur in 1931.

During the second World War, Eulalie returned to England and stayed there until 1953, when she returned to Santa Monica, California. Whilst she was in London she worked as head artist for the Amex Company, the same company that published some of Stella Mead's books.

After her move to southern California, she also became known for creating murals in various buildings, both private and public, in the Los Angeles area. Her work included a mural at the Santa Monica Public Library, which has since been razed.

Some of the books illustrated by Eulalie

• Through the British Commonwealth: British Guiana, West Indies, British Honduras. By Stella Mead. Published by Amex Company Ltd., Letchworth, Hertfordshire.
• Through the British Commonwealth: West Africa. By Stella Mead.
• The Speckled Hen. By Stella Mead. Published by Amex Company Ltd., Letchworth, Hertfordshire c. 1945.
• Wid Wad Woo. By Stella Mead. Published by Amex Company Ltd., Letchworth, Hertfordshire c. 1945.

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