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Mrs William Pitt Byrne

Click to enlargeJulia Clara Pitt Byrne, née Busk, (1819-1894).
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Mrs William Pitt Byrne was a friend of Charles Waterton, about whom she writes in
Gossip of the Century and Social Hours With Celebrities.

Gossip (a two volume set) is the first of two instalments of memoirs; the second (also two volumes), Social Hours with Celebrities, was published just after her death and was edited by her sister, Rachel H. Busk.

Waterton is mentioned briefly in Vol. 1 of Gossip, but the main section 'Charles Waterton the Wanderer' is in Vol. 2 of Social Hours.

She obviously had a great deal of respect for the Squire and the things he represented. After his death, when she visited Walton Hall for the last time, she was less than impressed with the manner in which she was treated. Even worse, was the evident lack of respect paid by the then incumbents, the Soap House Yard Simpsons, to the memory of the Squire and Walton Park ("Waterton Park") itself - which their soap house in Walton had so nearly destroyed years before.

Mrs William Pitt Byrne wrote several books, usually in the form of anecdotal memoirs - which recount her times with the famous celebrities of her day - literary, political and religious figures of England and Europe. A noted work is Flemish Interiors.

In some of her works, in place of her name, she is referred to as "The Author of Flemish Interiors".

She also wrote some serious social commentary, such as her Undercurrents Overlooked, which dealt with the abuses of workhouses.


Brief Lives
Julia Clara Pitt Byrne (néeBusk) Christened: 6 Jul 1819 St. Mary-le-Bone, St. Marylebone Road, St. Marylebone, London, England. Died 1894.
Julia was the second daughter of the Welsh poet Hans Busk the Elder of Glenalder (1772-1862).

Her mother was Maria, daughter of Joseph Green.

Husband - William Pitt BYRNE Christened: 8 Jun 1811 St.Paul's, Covent Garden, Westminster, London, England. Died 1861. Husband's parents: Father, Nicholas BYRNE; Mother, Gothic novelist Charlotte Dacre.

William's father, Nicholas Byrne was his predecessor as editor and proprietor of the Morning Post. William was named after William Pitt the Younger.

The Morning Post was founded in 1792 and merged with The Daily Telegraph in 1937.

Other works by Julia Pitt Byrne include:

A Glance Behind the Grilles
Flemish Interiors
; 1854, Longman.
Realities of Paris Life; 1859, Hurst & Blackett.
Pictures of Hungarian Life; 1859, William Ridgway, London.
Cosas De Espana, Illustrative of Spain and the Spaniards as they are; 1866, Alexander Strahan, London & New York, 2 volumes.
• Google Play has a free edition of Cosas De Espana. [accessed 03 Sep 2016]
Curiosities of the Search-Room. A collection of serious, and whimsical wills; 1880, Chapman & Hall, London.
De Omnibus Rebus : An Old Man's Discursive Ramblings on the Road of Everyday Life; 1888, John C Nimmo, London.


Social Hours With CelebritiesRachel Harriette Busk edited Social Hours With Celebrities, with comments, and wrote several books including:

Folklore of Rome
; 1874, Longman, Green & Co.
Sagas from the Far East; or Kalmouk and Mongolian traditionary tales.
With historical preface and explanatory notes. First edition, 1873, Griffith & Farran.
Contemporary Annals of Rome: Notes Political, Archaeological, and Social by the Roman Corespondent of the "Westminster Gazette." ... Series I. March 1867 to March 1868. London: Thomas Richardson and Son, 1870

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