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Father Thomas Petre, Society of Jesus

Illustrations of Literary History
Father Thomas Petre (b. 1162/3, d. 1729) - was the chaplain at Walton Hall during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. He had an interest in botany.

1. This first extract is from Brother H. Foley, (Records Society of Jesus, vol ii series iv p585, and vol v p 738:

Petre, Thomas, Father, was probably the second son of John Petre, sen., above, and one of the
two sons in the Petre Pedigree, whose names are not mentioned. Born in Essex 1662/3; he made
his humanity studies at St Omer's College; entered the Society at Watten, September 7, 1679,
and was professed of the four vows February 2, 1697.
He was chaplain and missioner for many years at Walton Hall, the seat of the Waterton family, in the Residence of St Michael (Yorkshire District), where he died January 5,1729, aet 66. He was a prisoner for the Catholic faith in York Castle, 1688-9, during the period of the Orange Revolution, and its consequent persecution. The Catalogue of the Province of that date describes him, with Father Henry Hamerton, in the same District, and both in prison. He was a great botanist, and a friend of Dr.Richard Richardson*, F.R.S, the celebrated botanist; several of his letters to Richardson in 1723 are printed in Nichol's Illustrations of Literary History, vol I p 330 seq. Father Thomas appears to have had full scope for cultivating his favourite science in the gardens of Walton Hall.

(* Richardson lived at Bierley near Bradford, his son lived in the Netherlands and supplied him with tulip bulbs and plants of other florists' flowers. Richardson also wrote letters to Lord Petre, a botanist who lived in the South of England, but who died of smallpox at a very young age, and to the Rev Thomas Petre who lived at Walton. [Source WNETS Archive])

2. Extract from Fr Geoffrey Holt, the Society of Jesus' The English Jesuits 1650-1829: A Biographical Dictionary, published by the Catholic Record Society in vol 70 of their Records Series, 1984.

Petre was the son of John and Mary (Mannock) of Fithelers, Essex and brother of John and Robert Petre (aliases Mannock) also Jesuits, and his movement is listed as follows: St Omer's College ?-1679. Society of Jesus September 7th 1679. Watten (novice) 1679, 1680. Liège (philosophy) 1681-3. Liège (theology) 1684-8. Ordained priest c.1688. Residence of St Michael 1689 (in prison ?in York). ?College of the Holy Apostles 1690. Residence of St Michael 1691-3, 1696-7,1699-1701, 1703-6, 1708-16, 1718, 1720, 1723-5 (superior 1709-c.12). In England 1726-9 (Walton Hall ?1690-1729).

The inormation shown on this page is largely based upon research carried out by the Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society, for more information see:
WNETS Archive - Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society*
New website: http://www.tulipsociety.co.uk/.

Illustrations of Literary History, John Nichols, 1817. Contains the letters mentioned in the first extract above. See Google Books.*

[* External sites accessed 4th June 2017.]

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