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Walton Hall - Old Views

Some Account of Walton Hall, the Seat of Charles Waterton, Esq.

An interesting article by James Stuart Menteath, Esq. of Closeburn Hall.
It was published in The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, 1835.
James Stuart Menteath would appear to be Sir James Stuart-Menteth, 2nd Baronet (1792-1870).
Read the article "The Naturalist". (PDF)

Click to enlargeWalton Hall in 1831.
Drawn by Capt. Edw. Jones. (1)

Click to enlargeThe stable yard, now converted into houses. (2)
More about the stable yard...

Click to enlargeMr. Waterton and the author photographed beneath the Lombardy Poplar. (2)
The Lombardy Poplar was at the side of the lake.
This is an engraving of a photograph commissioned by Dr. Hobson. When Dr. Hobson managed to get this photograph taken of the Squire, he thought that his companion would be unaware that he had been caught on camera; however, after the event, Waterton remarked to his friend: "They might succeed in getting your face, but it was utterly impossible they could catch mine, as I had my back to them, and to that they are welcome." (2)
In the pre-digital age, 'quick pix' were a problem.

Click to enlargeView of Walton Hall from the north-east showing the Lombardy Poplar, Water Gate and Iron Bridge. (2)
The car park now occupies much of the foreground.

Click to enlargeSouth-west view of Walton Hall and of the sailing-boat on the lake. From Dr. Hobson's book.(2)

Click to enlargeThe Grotto (2) - now sadly no more in anything like its original form,
but still a small nature reserve of sorts.
Find out more about the Grotto and the Temple - click here.

Click to enlargeThe Iron Bridge with Dr. Hobson and the Squire. (2)

Click to enlargeThe Avenue, it ran between Walton Hall and The Balk.
The photograph, date not known but perhaps early 20th century, shows Walton Hall Bridge across the Barnsley Canal, looking to the west.
The gates appear to be in place, they are no longer there.
The lane cuts through Waterton Park Golf Course.
A 20th century house is now situated to the left of the bridge. The original lodge has gone.

Click to enlargeFront view of Walton Hall, surrounded by the lake. (2)

Click to enlargeWalton Hall and the Water Gates (before the gates went wandering). From Gossip of the Century by Julia Pitt Byrne. (3)

Click to enlargeThe Water Gate, bridge and the fisherman's hut. Nowadays, the car park on the shore would be much in evidence.
From Dr. Hobson's book.(2)

1. Essays on Natural History by Charles Waterton, First Series. New Edition, 1857. Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans & Roberts.
2. Engraving from a photograph in Charles Waterton, His Home, Habits & Handiwork, Richard Hobson, M.D., Cantab., Leeds. Published by Whittaker & Company, London, and John Smith, Leeds. 1st edition 1866, 2nd enlarged edition 1867.
3. Social Hours With Celebrities, Volume 2 by Mrs William Pitt Byrne, i.e. Julia Pitt Byrne, edited by her sister Miss R.H. Busk, Ward & Downey Ltd., London, 1898. More information here.

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