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Walton Hall - The Old Stable Yard

The Stable Department at Walton Hall 1866The Stable Department at Walton Hall, Covered With Magnificent Vines
Part of the Stable Yard at Walton Hall. The stable yard and farm buildings have now converted into country cottages known as Brockswood Court.

There are three gentlemen, judging by the hats, and a stable lad (perhaps).
Dr. Hobson is seated. Is that the Squire in front of him?

"On returning from the larger pheasantry, towards the well-built and well-arranged stable department, the first of which is ornamented by two splendid vines, yielding excellent fruit during a fine season, - also, close to a small oblong sheet of water, filled with all sorts of fish, and gracefully decorated on its surface by the widely-expanded leaves of the water-lily, through which pond a nice underground current flows into the woods and pleasure-grounds below, you pass 'John Bull and the National debt. a singularly unique combination, and well worthy of a very minute examination."

(The 'current' is Drain Beck and the 'pleasure-grounds' are The Grotto.)

Engraving from a photograph in Charles Waterton, His Home, Habits & Handiwork, Richard Hobson, M.d., Cantab., Leeds. Published by Whittaker & Company, London, and John Smith, Leeds. 1st edition 1866.

Click to enlarge Brockswood Court, once the farm and stables.
[October 2000]

Click to enlarge Sheep grazing to the north of Brockswood Court.
The hotel annexe is visible in the background.
[March 2009]

Click to enlarge
Brockswood Court.
The public footpath skirts round the field in front of the redbrick wall.
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