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South Yorkshire
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Click to enlarge.Rabbit Ings Country Park has been created on the site of the Monckton Main Colliery (1878 - 1966) and Royston Drift Mine (1976 - 1989).
The country park is owned by the Land Trust. [Site accessed 28 Jan 2018.] The old slagheaps are now being transformed into a pleasant country park of benefit to both human beings and wildlife.

The Trans Pennine Trail (National Cycle Route 67), following the route of the disused Barnsley Canal, passes through the nearby village of Royston, South Yorkshire.

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The Stone Cairn atop an old slagheap at the country park. The chimneys of the Monckton Coke and Chemical Works are in the background.
[14 Jun 2011]

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Nature taking its course, with a little help, of course. The transformation will take some time.
[14th June 2011]

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Similar view to the preceding photograph. Monckton early in the demolition - the aerial conveyors between the bunkers have gone but most of the plant still stands.
■ See the Monckton Colliery page for more photographs of the area.

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Monckton Works, Royston and Rabbit Ings.
[6th June 2012]

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The points of the compass on the Stone Cairn. The names provide links with the area's coal mining past
[14 Jun 2011]

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Midland Road, Royston looking towards Rabbit Ings. The Barnsley Canal was once in the dip.
[6th March 2012]

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A view towards Felkirk Church from Rabbit Ings Country Park, Royston, South Yorkshire. The word 'ings' is common in these parts, it is derived from an Old Norse word meaning low-lying wetlands. Other 'ings' in Yorkshire include Wath Ings, Denaby Ings, Fairburn Ings and Fall Ings.
[14 Jun 2011]

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Monckton Coke and Chemical Works. Situated just across the road from Rabbit Ings Country Park, the Monckton Works was still operating when this photograph was taken.
[14 Jun 2011]

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(Site accessed 27th October 2018.)

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