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Further Afield
North Yorkshire, SCARBOROUGH
Page 3. The Brontës, Charles Waterton and James Wigglesworth
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St. Nicholas Cliff showing Wood's Lodgings. Map by John Wood, 1828.St. Nicholas Cliff showing Wood's Lodgings.

Map by John Wood, 1828. Visit North Yorkshire County Council, Historic Maps for more information.

Anne Brontë.Anne and Charlotte Brontë, and a friend, Ellen Nussey, travelled to Scarborough on 24th May 1849. They stayed at Wood's lodgings, No.2 the Cliff.

Anne was suffering from consumption and it was hoped that a visit to the coast might be good for her. Unfortunately, Anne died on the 28th of May 1849. She is buried in St. Mary's Churchyard, Scarborough. Scarborough was a place that she loved; a place that she portrayed in both her novels - Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. It was also the place where she wished to open her own school.

Anne Brontë and Scarborough. Visit Haworth Village - Brontës

■ There is also a Brontë connection with Richmal Mangall's school at Crofton near Wakefield.

New Buildings, Cliff.This drawing is titled 'New Buildings, Cliff, Scarborough', and dated 1843. It shows Wood's Lodgings viewed from the sea, with its new central block and extension 'down-the-cliff'- in the year of Anne's third visit to the resort. On the left is the Spa Bridge, and there are a number of bathing huts on the beach.

The Viking Millennium Stone.The Viking Millennium Stone
This stone in St Mary's churchyard depicts a Viking longship, with Yggdrasil, the world tree, in its centre, with Ratatosk the squirrel and either a sail or roof of Valhalla on top. Part of the Scarborough Viking Festival in 2000.

The Viking Millennium Stone.The wording on the Viking Millennium stone.
This modern interpretation of a Viking Commemorative stones was erected in order to mark the Viking Festival in June 2000.
It is a reminder of Scarborough's viking heritage from the end of the first millennium and the conversion of the Viking people people to Christianity in the year 996 A.D..

Erected by Scarborough Project 2000.

Sponsored by McCain Foods (GB) Ltd. and the Castle Pride Initiative.

Charles Waterton by Gavin Pearson.CHARLES WATERTON the naturalist
"'Scarboro' - For some reason the Squire preferred to visit the seaside in the autumn, Scarborough was his choice, and he liked it so much that he included a laudatory essay on the town in the Third Series (1857) of his Essays." R.A. Irwin (1)

Amongst other places in Scarborough, Waterton also stayed at Granby House and wrote a letter there in 1865. (1a)
Other places are mentioned in the extract below.

Extract from the Essays:
Scarbro'—gay town of Yorkshire's eastern confines, I do admire thy site, thy walks, thy sands, and thy environs:— for I never come to pass a month amongst them, without enjoying all the blessings of health and peace, and balmy ocean breezes,— thine own inheritance. Happily indeed for thee, no beds of coal lurk underneath thy quiet surface; for wherever there is coal in great abundance, it is sure to invite long chimneys, from whose sable mouths volumes of murky smoke rush out to poison Flora's choicest produce. .... It would ill become me as a Yorkshireman, to have already told the public, what I lately saw and felt at Aix-la-Chapelle*, a foreign town; and then to take no notice of thee, bright gem of my own native county, as though thou wert of trivial regard, and thy pure ocean breezes, mere transitory gales, unworthy of remark. Well then, here I sit down to write a word or two, on pretty, healthy, sweet, and enchanting Scarbro'; the boast of Yorkshire, and old Neptune's pride. (2)
[* Aachen]

Royal Hotel Scarborough.The town offers to its visitors in the way of comfort, what would not be unacceptable to royalty itself. Thus, the accommodations in the hotels are equal to those in London. I should do an injustice to Miss Reid, of the Royal Hotel, near the cliff, were I to omit the observation, that I have always found her attention and arrangements of the very first order; — surpassed indeed, by none in any hotel, where I have ever taken up my quarters. (3)

The Granby Hotel.The museum under the ardent zeal of Mr. Roberts has great attractions. All the warm salt-water baths are remarkably clean and well attended. I invariably frequent those of my old friend Mr. Champley : and I seldom pass a day without paying a visit to Mr. Theakston’s most excellent establishment for books and newspapers. Let me also mention my civil landlady Mrs. Peacock of the cliff. We pass our time in her lodgings, as comfortably as though we were at our own fire-side. (4)

Charles Waterton was staying at No. 1 Cliff when he wrote this letter on 1st November 1855 to Mrs. Wombwell concerning Jenny the Ape, see Charles Waterton Handiworks - Jenny the Ape.


1. Letters of Charles Waterton, Squire of Walton Hall, Near Wakefield. Edited by R.A. Irwin, 1955. Published by Rockliff Publishing Corporation Ltd., London. Note 10 to letter no. 43 addressed to George Ord, 9th November, 1850.

1a. ibid. Letter to George Ord, dated 13th November 1863. No. 83, p. 133.

2. Essays on Natural History, Third Series. Scarboro', page 184. Charles Waterton. London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, and Roberts, 1857. Wakefield: Charles Hicks, Printer, Market Place.

3. ibid. page 197.

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Read the full Scarbro' Essay (PDF).

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From Soap to Astronomy .From Soap to Astronomy ..... James Wigglesworth and the Great Scarborough Telescope.

James Wigglesworth was involved in the Hodgson and Simpson soap company that was originally established in Walton near Wakefield. In 1841, Wigglesworth was living in Walton in the same house as William Thornhill Hodgson. He was a commercial traveller for the company. The soap works was still in Walton at this time. Later Wigglesworth moved to nearby Sandal and in 1860, he became a partner in the firm.

He became a wealthy man and, when he retired, he moved to Scarborough to indulge his interest in astronomy. His observatory was, for a while in the 1880s, a major astronomical establishment.

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North Yorkshire

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