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South Yorkshire

Click to enlarge.Gilbert Gramophones were produced between the years of 1922 to approximately 1931. They were built by master craftsmen, and featuried patented designs and innovations that were at the forefront of gramophone technology during the 1920's. They were considered to be of a high quality at the time, with unsurpassed sound reproduction and tonal qualities far greater than those of their competitors.

Despite the use of proprietary parts such as Garrard motors and turntables, readily available needle cups, brake mechanisms, and speed adjusters etc, the Gilbert gramophone was unique for its use of the patented "Bugle" shaped tonearm, a "Mother-of-pearl" faced soundbox, which was named the "Tone Reflector", and a deep "Saxophone" shaped internal horn that resulted in impressive sound reproduction! Volume was controlled by either opening or closing the front door(s) to the cabinet.

The original site of the Gilbert factory at 75 Arundel Street in Sheffield, was eventually demolished, and the Sheffield Hallam University now occupies the site where the factory stood.

[Information extracted, with minor changes, from the Gilbert Gramophones website,, a site dedicated to this short-lived Sheffield company. Site accessed 29th October 2018.]

This particular gramophone was sold at auction in North Yorkshire in 2015.

More pictures of the gramophone

■ This picture shows the company's trade mark on the above gramophone.
■ Close-up of the turntable area.

Man at work.

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