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Guyana Gallery Page 3 - Hubu, near Parika, and nearby Essequibo River
Guyana Gallery Pages

• 1 - Introduction   • 2 - Demerara River to Parika   • 3 - Region 3, Hubu, near Parika, and nearby Essequibo River  
• 4 - Region 3, Fort Island and Essequibo River   • 5 - Santa Mission   • 6 - Mibiri Creek • 7 - Kaieteur Falls  
• 8 - A Few More Pictures   • 9 - People of Guyana (old photographs)   • 10 - Old Views   • 11 - More Old Views   • 12 - Old Adverts
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Photographs taken in the Hubu area, near Parika, and adjacent stretches of the Essequibo River.
Region 3. Essequibo Islands-West Demerara

Guyana Flag

Click to enlargeThe Seventh Day Baptist Church at Hubu near Parika.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeThe Sunnatul Masjid (mosque) at Hubu near Parika.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeThe coast road at Hubu. This sluice or koker, is part of the water management system in the low-lying coastal areas of Guyana. At low tide the koker can be opened and water can drain from the land via the canal and out towards the Essequibo River estuary and then to the Atlantic Ocean. At high tide the koker is shut to prevent water rushing in and flooding the land.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeLooking inland from the koker at Hubu. The canal connects with a network of canals in West Bank Demerara.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeThe stelling at Hubu, Parika. From here, I got a boat to Fort Island.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeHeading upstream on the canal at Hubu from the Essequibo River . After the buffeting on river, the water here is calm.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeThe koker at Hubu near Parika. The stelling is ahead on the right.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeA timber yard on the River Essequibo's right bank* just upstream of the canal at Hubu.
(Right bank of a river, that which is on the right hand of a person whose face is turned downstream (the direction of the river's current.)
[6th March 2012]

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Click to enlargeDespite some modern roads and air travel, boats still play an important part in the life of Guyana.

Essequibo River has its source on the Brazilian border and flows northward for approximately 630 miles (1,010 km) through savannas and forests to the Atlantic Ocean. It reaches the Atlantic Ocean 13 miles (21 km) west-northwest of Georgetown
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeThe Essequibo's estuary, about 20 miles (32 km) wide, contains many islands. These islands include Leguan, Wakenaam, Hog Island and Fort Island. With its many tributaries, amongst them the Rupununi, Mazaruni, and Cuyuni, its system drains more than half of Guyana.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeThe river is navigable by small ocean vessels to Bartica, 50 miles (80 km) inland, and by other boats for long reaches between rapids.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeAmongst the palm trees can be seen some flags; these are Jhandi flags. In Guyana, one often sees coloured flags flying from poles at the front of houses. It seems that this means that East Indian Hindus live in the house and that the household has held a jhandi, which is a ceremony of thanksgiving. Such ceremonies are held following an event affecting a member of the family that has had a favourable outcome.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeAn Arawak village on the right bank of the Essequibo River south of Hubu and Parika. Life appeared to be relaxed here. The village church is shown in the picture.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeAnother view of the Arawak village.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeA long distance photograph taken from the boat of a red howler monkey with its infant.
[6th March 2012]

Click to enlargeEntire block of land for sale, could be a bargain! An opportunity to acquire a piece of land in the tropics. Essequibo River near Hubu.
[6th March 2012]

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