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Guyana Gallery Page 5 - Santa Mission
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Santa Mission
Situated on the Kamuni River (or Creek), a tributary of the Demerara River.
This Amerindian village is not far from the Timberhead Rainforest Resort
and Arrowpoint Nature Resort on Pokerero Creek.

The Royal Tour of British Guiana, 1966
H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited British Guiana in 1966.
During the Royal Tour they visited Santa Mission.
View a video of the Royal Tour at British Pathe.

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This Amerindian village is not far from Arrowpoint Nature Resort and Timberhead Rainforest Resort on Pokerero Creek.
[ 2012]
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A pair of discarded pendant birds' nests at Santa Mission.
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Santa Mission.
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Santa Mission on the Kamuni River. This Arawak village is a popular destination for day trips.

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The Mount Olive Assembly of God Church at Santa Mission was visited by HM Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh during the Royal Tour of British Guiana.
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The interior of the Mount Olive Assembly of God Church at Santa Mission.
[6th March 2012]
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A settlement by the river.
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Kamuni River.
Forest and river appear to merge.
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The Kamuni River.
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Speeding along on the Kamuni River.
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Tiger Farm on Kamuni Creek.
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A rather striking striped lubber grasshopper.
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A well disguised frog at Santa Mission.

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