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(Including views of Hare Park, Walton Footpath No. 4, Wintersett Footpath No. 2 & Crofton Footpath No. 8)
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Map of Crofton and Hare Park in 1907.Map of Crofton and Hare Park in 1907.

Hare Park Junction is situated to the north-east of the village of Walton on the boundary with Crofton. Public road access is via Crofton. A public footpath runs from Anglers Country Park to Hare Park Junction and then on to Shay Lane, joining it opposite the entrance to the Walton Colliery Nature Park, near the Nine Arches Railway Viaduct. The footpath crosses the railway line near Hare Park Junction, this line is primarily used for goods trains. Things could get a little busier in the area if the proposed HS2 High-Speed Rail Link is built.

Hare Park Junction is where the main line from Leeds and Wakefield Westgate is joined by the goods line, which also connects with the line from Wakefield Kirkgate nearer towards Wakefield.

Once upon a time when railways proliferated, both of these lines were operated by the West Riding and Grimsby Railway. This was was a joint railway linking Wakefield and Doncaster. The companies involved in the joint company were the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway and the Great Northern.

The line was inherited by the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) in 1923, and the Wakefield Westgate section is still the main route for the East Coast Main Line from Doncaster to Leeds, as well as carrying trains from Sheffield to Leeds. Of course, British Railways, the Great North Eastern Railway (GNER), Northern Spirit, Arriva Trains and Virgin Cross Country have all come and gone on this line over the years. The current main line train operators (2009) are National Express for East Coast Main Line, and Cross Country (XC) for trains from Leeds and further north to the Midlands and further south. Local trains are run by Northern.

The station at Hare Park & Crofton was situated just to the east of the junction of the two lines; it no longer exists. The station was opened in November 1885 and closed on 4th February 1968. Its re-opening in the near future seems unlikely.

Hare Park Woods, Hare Park Farm with neighbouring New House Farm are located in Walton, albeit on the outskirts of the parish, close to the boundary with the Parish of Crofton.
The boundary lies just to the north of the East Coast Mainline.

Map of the parish boundary at Hare Park.

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The footpath linking Shay Lane, opposite Walton Colliery Nature Park, and Hare Park Lane in Crofton. Goldwing Farm, formerly an egg farm, is to the left. Shay Lane is straight ahead.
[17 Apr 2011]

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A Green Shield Bug and Elderberries from Crofton Public Footpath No.8.

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Hare Park and Crofton Railway Station in the Age of Steam. Probably a L.N.E.R. train.

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Site of the former Hare Park and Crofton Railway Station (Hare Park Lane Bridge). There does not seem any prospect of a new station for local use being built. However, the area to the right may one day be the site of the HS2 Rolling Stock Depot.

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Hare Park Cottages. In 2014, I was contacted by a gentleman, now in his 80s, who told me that he had been born in Station Cottages, Hare Park.
Hare Park Lane was once called Station Lane as it led down to Hare Park and Crofton Station. Before that, it was known as Ings Lane.
[Information from CROFTONline site accessed 13 Oct 2018.]

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Another early view of Hare Park and Crofton Station. View towards Wakefield.

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Hare Park Lane and bridge across the railway line.The lane links Crofton and Hare Park itself, presently in splendid isolation between Crofton and Walton.

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The old railway station was in this area.

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View from the Anglers Country Park to Hare Park Junction footpath.
Public Footpath Walton No. 4 runs from Hare Park Junction towards Anglers Country Park where, at the boundary with Wintersett Civil Parish, it meets Wintersett FP No. 2.

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Passenger train on the East Coast Main Line passing a stationary freight train at Hare Park Junction.

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View towards Hare Park Junction road bridge over the East Coast Main Line (Doncaster - Leeds) from the direction of Crofton. Hare Park Railway Station was in a cutting to the left of the road bridge (Hare Park Lane).

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View towards Wakefield city centre from Hare Park Junction, showing the Clock Tower (Town Hall), County Hall tower and the Cathedral spire.
[18 Sep 2010, Hare Park Junction pedestrian crossing - Public Footpath Crofton 8.]

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View from the East Gate of Walton Park (Public Footpath Walton 18). Hare Park is directly in front. Public Footpath Walton 3 runs to the left (to Shay Lane near Drain Beck at Brooklands) and right towards Anglers Country Park and Haw Park (Public Footpath Walton 17).

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Remains of an old railway bridge in Hare Park Lane, Crofton. The line, now dismantled, crossed what is now the East Coast Mainline, just to the east of the old railway station.
[10 Oct 2014]

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Hare Park Lane approaching the bridge.
[10 Oct 2014]

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View towards Hare Park Junction from the bridge near the former Hare Park and Crofton Railway Station. The line to the left is the East Coast Main Line to Wakefield Westgate and Leeds, the righthand fork is used by freight trains and connects to Wakefield Kirkgate and other lines. (Hare Park Lane Bridge)

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At the boundary of the parishes of Walton and Crofton. View towards Hare Park Junction road bridge over the East Coast Main Line (Doncaster - Leeds) from the direction of Crofton. Hare Park & Crofton Railway Station was to the right in a cutting.
(Photographed from Public Footpath Walton 4).

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View towards Highwood Farm and Walton from the footpath linking Hare Park Junction and Nine Arches Viaduct at Shay Lane. The East Coast Main Line runs across the picture. Public Footpath Crofton 8 provides a link via Hare Park Junction with Walton FP No. 4. At Anglers Country Park, Walton FP 4 links with Wintersett FP 2 providing access to Haw Park and Walton (Waterton) Park.

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