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Middle Walton.

Middle Walton - The area between Lower Town and Overtown, the boundaries are a little indistinct now, as there has been much housebuilding over the years.
Views in and around the central and western stretches of Shay Lane in Walton. The area is also known as Middle Walton.

Grove House (see picture below) may have been built around the 1830s, or perhaps parts date back to the late 18th century.
Henry Clarkson, the railway surveyor, (see Walton - A Brief History), had an office attached to farm buildings standing on the site of Grove House. (1)



Footpaths and Bridleways
For more information about public rights of way in the Wakefield district, visit the official Wakefield website.
Click here for Walton's Public Rights of Way (unofficial).

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Walton near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.