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The New Inn

The New Inn, bedecked with Christmas lights. (2019)

The New Inn, bedecked with Christmas lights. (2019)

The New Inn, Walton. 2014.

The New Inn, Shay Lane, Walton. A public house is usually one of the mainstays of English village life - along with the church and post office. (Photographed in 2014.)

• During the 19th Century, six public houses or ale houses existed:

1. The New Inn, still here today.

2. Cross Keys. This was marked on 1849-1851 Ordnance Survey Map at the corner of Shay Lane and Blind Lane (School Lane). Now replaced by houses.

3. The Star, this was on School Lane on the site of the old Junior School. The school was built in 1910 and officially opened in 1911, and closed in 2007. The old school was subsequently demolished to make way for houses in Scholars Court (Chatsworth Court during construction).

4. The Rose and Crown. This was 36 metres (about 40 yards) down Walton Station Lane (then known as Milnthorpe Lane).

5. Boot and Shoe. This had a temporary licence during the construction of the railway. It was a half-timbered house, formerly known as Walton Old Hall, situated near the lodge house for Walton Grange (Woodfield area).

6. There was a beer house on Greenside which was frequented by canal navvies. The house fell into disrepute, however, and it became rowdy.

In addition, there were a number of unlicensed premises, permitted by the Beerhouse Act, 1830, to sell beer.

Source: A History of Walton by Peter Wright (1985), published by Countryside Publications Ltd, ISBN 0 86157 1916.

The New Inn, Walton. 2015.

The New Inn 2015.
Find out more about the pub on the New Inn's own website here.
[site accessed 21 Mar 2017]

The Green Oak MorrisMen at the New Inn, Walton, Wakefield.

The Green Oak Morris Men at the New Inn.
'Green Oak Morris Men - Keeping the Tradition Alive.'
Find out more at
[site accessed 16 Jun 2019]

The New Inn, September 2019.

The New Inn, September 2019.

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Walton near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.