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Hodgson and the Thornhill Simpsons, Walton
Walton Manor (House)

The Thornhill Simpsons

A brief look at the Thornhill Simpsons of Walton in the time of Charles Waterton, and a little beyond.

Section 1. Edward Thornhill Simpson ["No. 1"] was said to be the the unofficial adopted son of William Thornhill Hodgson (1) and his god son. (2)
E.T. Simpson was born around 1804 or 1805.

Marriage 27th July 1830
Simpson married Anne Becket in Penistone, St John the Baptist, Register Entry 720. (3)
There various spellings of Anne's surname in the various records.

In 1840, Edward Thornhill Simpson was on the Electoral Register for Walton, together with eighteen other persons, including William Thornhill Hodgson, Charles Waterton, Samuel Lumb, David Spurr and William Wordsworth. He was reorded as living at Walton House (now "Walton Manor") in 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848. In other registers just "Walton" is recorded. In 1859, the occupant of Walton House was John Marsden.

In the Electoral Register for 1859, Simpson is recorded in the Wakefield, Walton polling district and in the Wakefield, Alverthorpe-with-Thornes polling district, residence Walton. The qualification being the Freehold and copyhold undistinguished Soap Works, Dwellinghouses, Land and premises, Thornes, Alverthorpe-and-Thornes.

The 1851 Census (4) contains the following information about Edward Thornhill Simspson and family:

Name: Edward T Simpson, (Head). Age: 46 yrs. Estimated Birth Year: abt 1805.
He was the Head of the family. Resident in Walton. Occupation: Soap Maker employing 45 men.
Born in Sheffield, Yorkshire.
Spouse: Ann Simpson [Beckitt], age 46 yrs. Born in Birchworth [Ingbirchworth, Penistone, Yorkshire].
Children: Ann B Simpson 16 yrs.  Mary G Simpson 9 yrs. Edward Simpson 7 yrs. ["No. 2", inferred born 1844]. Charles H Simpson 5 yrs.
Servants (name/age)
Maria Yeamans 24. Jane Tingle  21. Maria Denton 22. John Alfred Himsworth 14.
(Household Schedule Number: 65, Piece: 2326, Folio: 305, Page Number: 17.)


Edward Thornhill Simpson died in 1873, aged 69 yrs. and was buried on 25th November 1873. (5)

Thornhill House (site of) Section 2. Edward Thornhill Simpson ["No. 2"]
Edward ("No. 2") was born in 1844.

Married: Age: 22 yrs. Marriage Date: 25 Apr 1866, Sandal Magna, St Helen.
Father: Edward Thornhill Simpson ["No. 1"].
Spouse: Emily Jane Cartwright. (6)

Their son Edward Beckitt Thornhill Simpson ["No. 3"] was born in 1867 and baptised on 4th April 1867 at St. Helen's. At this time the place of abode is shown as Crofton, The father's accupation is Soap Manufacturer. (7)

The 1881 census (8) extract:

Head: Edward Simpson, Age: 37, Estimated Birth Year: abt 1844'
Born: Walton, Yorkshire, England
Spouse: Emily J. Simpson
Address: Thornhill House
Occupation: Soap Maker, Hodgson & Simpson.
Household Members:
Edward Simpson 37. Emily J. Simpson 35. (parents)
Emily H.B. Simpson 11. Martha M.B. Simpson 1yr. (children)

Plus a number of servants and visitors.

Edward ["No. 2"] died in 1914 and was buried on 4th July 1914, aged 70 years in Sandal Magna, St. Helen's. His wife, Emily died in 1934, aged 87 years. (9)


1897 - Thank you Mr. Simpson
The Birth of St Paul's Church, Walton.

In 1897 to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, Mr Edward Simpson of Walton Hall, provided the land and materials for a new church in The Balk. Constructed from prefabricated corrugated iron sheets on wooden frames, built in London, the church was dedicated on the 10th January 1898, by the Bishop of Wakefield, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Eden.

The building served the community for many years, only being replaced in 1967 by a fine new structure, which echoes the shape of the original building, having been built around it

Extract from from the Walton Parish Council Newsletter, Summer 2000.
Read more about St. Paul's Church, Walton.

Section 3. Edward Thornhill Beckitt Simpson ["No. 3"]
Edward ("No. 3") was born in 1867. (7)

Death 20th March 1944. (10) Buried Sandal Magna 23rd March 1944. (11)

Spouse: Katharine* Percy Tew. Banns Date: 14 Apr 1901. Marriage date: 25 Apr 1901. Place: Warmfield, St Peter, Yorkshire. (12) (* Sometimes "Katherine".)

1955 An interesting note by R.A. Irwin in his book, "The Letters of Charles Waterton of Walton Hall, Near Wakefield", he writes "I am very grateful to to Mrs. Katherine Simpson of Thornhill House, Walton, for kindly allowing me to visit Walton Hall on several occasions'. (13)

Daughter Madeline ("Madie") born 1903, married Raymond Forster Johnstone 26th September 1935. She was living at Walton Hall at the time. (14)

Daughter Katharine Mary ("Mary") b. 1904 married Clifford Toogood 25th June 1929. (15)

Son Edward Osmond Thornhill, b. 11th October 1905, baptised at Sandal Magna, Walton Church 12th November 1905. (16)
Married Rosamond Eugenea Mary Lister-Kaye in 1945. (17)

Death Katherine Percy Simpson
Widow. Died 19th March 1958 at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, Probate Wakefield 24th April to Edward Osmond Thornhill Simpson, company managing director, and Katharine Mary Thornhill Toogood widow. Effects £6,708 12s. 3d. (18)
She was burried at Sandal Magna. (19)


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