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Walton South

Click to enlargeThe Coming of the Railways,
Chevet Viaduct, Haw Park Lane area, 2021.

This map is an extract of the Walton area public footpath current map (Wakefield Council May 2021). Some minor text editing has been applied to this extract. The viaduct and part of Haw Park Lane are located in the Walton Civil Parish.

For more online maps of Walton, and other areas of Wakefield, visit the public rights of way map at

Sir William Pilkington was a major landowner in the area and he was opposed to the construction of a railway line across his property. However, Henry Clarkson, a surveyor for the North Midland Railway (Leeds to Derby line), reported that Pilkington's oppostion to a railway line being built across his land "died away when the railway company agreed to pay what was the considered an extravagant price for the land taken and the comforting compromise of a stone viaduct instead of an embankment over certain parts, added to the diversion of particular roads, which really improved the estate". Source: Memories of Merry Wakefield, 2nd. Edition, 1889. Chapter IX Railway Times. See also Walton History page, 1835 Railway Mania and Grove House, The Balk, where Clarkson was once a resident.)

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Walton near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.