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Click to enlarge.Haw Park Pit once belonged to New Sharlston Collieries Ltd.
In the time of the National Coal Board, it was officially known as Walton Colliery (Haw Park) in the North Yorkshire Area. More about the main Walton Colliery.

This is a map of the pit area in 1906. It was situated betwee the Aire & Calder Navigation (Barnsley Branch) and Haw Park Lane. Nearby there was a row of terraced houses, Haw Park Place. Chevet Lane is to the left of Chevet Viaduct (the railway bridge) at the top left of the map.

Click to enlarge.Haw Park Pit area in 2021.

This map is an extract of the Walton area public footpath current map (Wakefield Council May 2021). Some minor text editing has been applied to this extract.

For more maps of Walton, and other areas of Wakefield, visit the public rights of way map at

Click to enlarge.1. Walton Colliery (Haw Park), circa 1982.
[These two photographs courtesy of Nick Lyons.]

I can do no better than to use Nick's own words to describe these two photographs of the Haw Park site of Walton Colliery.
"Here are two images of the Haw Park site c.1982. These were taken as a time exposure on a snowy evening in twilight with me running around with a flash gun as 'fill', hence the blueness.

Click to enlarge. 2. The building in the foreground, with the bricked up arch, (close-up on left) is over the shaft; this bricked up arch was originally the aperture for the mine's first ventilating fan, (if memory serves, a 14ft Waddle fan). This fan was latter replaced by a Scirocco fan at the main site (behind No.3 Winder).

The low building contained electrical switchgear and had the substation transformer, al fresco, on the far side. Unfortunately, I can't remember what was in the other large building. Another building, in the manner of a small brick bungalow, was off camera to the right; this was the gate house.

Off camera about 50m to the left up a steep slope ran the Barnsley Canal, en route to Wintersett reservoir, in whose general direction, the camera is pointed."

Click to enlarge. 3. Ephemera from the days before the National Coal Board (N.C.B.)

New Sharlston Colleries Ltd.
Table of Time Fixed for the Lowering and Raising of Workmen at the Haw Park Pit.
■ Read an extract from The Coal Mines Act, etc., published by New Sharlston Collieries Co. Ltd. The company operated the following collieries:

Sharlston Haigh-Moor Pit, Sharlston Stanley-Main Pit, Sharlston West Pit (later to become Walton Colliery), and Haw-Park Pit.

Click to enlarge.Women in the Miners' Strike, 1984-5

This two-year project, from 2018-2020, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, aims to examine the experiences of women in coalfield communities during the miners' strike of 1984-5. 

To do this, we are collecting a new bank of oral history interviews with women from all around England, Scotland and Wales.

The project is based at UCL and the University of Reading. Our project partner is the National Coal Mining Museum for England.

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Walton near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.