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• Page 2 -  Wakefield Kirkgate Railway Station - The Restoration

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The refurbished Wakefield Kirkgate Railway Station. October 2015. Kirkagate Railway Station, newly restored. It was officially re-opened on the 13th September 2015.
The latest improvements at Kirkgate are part of the government's Northern Connect service, which will see stations being staffed daily around West Yorkshire.
The restoration and refurbishment work was carried out by the regeneration charity Groundwork Wakefield. [Link accessed 20 Sep 2018.]
See also
Further award for Wakefield's Kirkgate Station, posted 21 Apr 2016. [Link accessed 20 Sep 2018.]
Plaque unveiled at revamped Kirkgate Station. [Posted 23 Jun 2016.Link accessed 20 Sep 2018.]
Read more about the restoration of the station.

Click to enlarge.Kirkgate Station - once upon a time of some importance and looked after. When this photograph was taken, it had been shabby for some time, and would be neglected for some years to come, but, by the autumn of 2015, the station had been restored.

Click to enlarge. The Scarborough Spar Express at Kirkgate
The train is just pulling into Kirkgate on the outward morning journey to the seaside at Scarborough.

Watch a couple of videos about the Scarborough Spa Express at Kirkgate station on YouTube.

■ The Scarborough Spa Express Leaving Wakefield Kirkgate - 24 Aug 2011. A short film of the departure.
■ Welcome Aboard The Scarborough Spa Express. 06 Oct 2010, nine minutes or so covering the journey from Kirkgate, through Wrenthorpe, Outwood, Leeds, York, Kirkham Abbey, finishing at Scarborough. A quick look at the magnificent North Sea, calm and a gorgeous blue*, and then the return journey. Produced by Outwood Community Video.
Both videos accessed 21st September 2018.
(* Not really - magnificent it is, but not necessarily calm or blue.)

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