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Waterfront Regeneration

The Waterfront Mills area was derelict from 1999 until 2005.

The development is called contains business, leisure and residential properties.Things may have slowed down a little, but it is already clear that the development is transforming this area of the city.

The first phase of the Waterfront Regeneration plan was completed in 2009 with the creation of new office, work space and new homes.

The Hepworth Gallery, adjacent to Rutland Mills, was opened in 2011, marking the end of phase 2.

Now, in phase 3, a developer, City & Provincial Properties, has bought the Rutland Mills site, some 10 acres, and a 'northern extension' to its 'creative media hub' in London could be created.
[Source: The Citizen, Spring 2016, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council.]

Some interesting sites to visit:
■ The Hepworth Wakefield.
■ The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton.
■ Artsy - visit the Barbara Hepworth page, and then continue to explore the art world online.
[These sites accessed 27 Sep 2018.]

Read an article in the Wakefield Express (29th Oct 2013) about Lonely Planet praising the Hepworth and Yorkshire.

■ On This Spot, Then and Now. More pictures of Wakefield. (external link)

Wakefield and Wool, John Goodchild, 1981.
Wakefield and Wool,
John Goodchild, 1981.
Wakefield Historical
ISBN 0 901869 10 4

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