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Robin Hood was, it seems, an associate of the Pinder of Wakefield. The connection with Nottingham seems tenuous to say the least. The most convincing evidence suggests that he was a commoner from Yorkshire and did not know a 'Maid Marian' (she was a 16th century addition).
In reality there was probably little giving to the poor after robbing the rich.

This splendid Robin Hood is from the commemorative blue plaque on the River Went Bridge itself.
Photograph © John S. Sargent 27th June 2009.

Click to enlarge.Robin Hood and Wentbridge. Wentbridge, originally in the West Riding of Yorkshire is now in the City of Wakefield Metropolitan District, West Yorkshire. It was also known by the name of Barnsdale.
Photograph © John S. Sargent 27th June 2009.

Click to enlarge.Wentbridge, at the eastern boundary of West Yorkshire with North Yorkshire. Photographed from the River Went Bridge. Wentbridge is served by West Yorkshire Metro buses with a direct route to Pontefract. Visit Metro for more information.
Photograph © John S. Sargent 27th June 2009.

Click to enlarge. The River Went. Not the biggest river, but to the west of Wentbridge the river demonstrates its influence at Thorp Marsh and Wentbridge Ings (alongside the Little Went).
© John S. Sargent 27th June 2009.

Click to enlarge.The old Great North Road Bridge over the River Went.
© John S. Sargent 27th June 2009.

Caution! Archery in Progress.The Great North Road
The bridge was once an important crossing on the old Great North Road from London to York and Edinburgh. Pontefract to the north, was the next town of importance on the route. Close by to the south-west is the Roman Ridge Roman road (now the A639 main road). Various versions of a 'great north road' have existed over the centuries dating from the Roman times (Ermine Street), with the present A1 now fulfilling the role.

Close by to Wentbridge (most decidedly in Yorkshire), is one of the few place names mentioned in the ballad 'A Lytell Geste of Robyn Hode' (circa 1492 - 1534).

'A Lytell Geste of Robyn Hode' (circa 1492 - 1534).

'And walk up to Saylis,
And so to Watlinge* Stret(e),
And Wayte after some unkuth gest,
Up chance ye may Them mete.'

(*A medieval mistake: not Watlinge but Ermine, of course.)

Sayles (Saylis, also knon as Brockadale) Plantation is to the east of Wentbridge near the A1 and the B6474. It is on the southbank of the River Went. The Brockadale Plantation is to the east of the A1 on the north bank of the River Went. It faces the Sayles Plantation across the river. A 'claimed' bridleway (CL112 - Jackson's Lane, Wentbridge) follows the boundary of the Brockadale plantation. The bridleway commences at its junction with Darrington Bridleway Number 10 opposite St. John’s Church (Grid Reference 491174). However, unlike Bridleway No. 10, the claimed bridleway may not actually be open to the public.

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