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April 1980
An aerial view of Oakenshaw Grange with the Walton Colliery site in the background.
(Photograph courtesy of Edward O'Hara)
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1998 - The nature park adjacent to Shay Lane. A Midland Mainline train is crossing the Nine Arches Viaduct. More information about Midland Mainline below.
[© John S. Sargent 1998]

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2003 - Another view of Nine Arches and the Shay Lane car park.
A GNER Intercity train is crossing the viaduct.
[© John S. Sargent 2003.]

GNER (Great North Eastern Railway) operated InterCity train services on the East Coast Main Line from April 1996 until December 2007. It was owned by Sea Containers; the company lost the franchise as a consequence of poor financial management.

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Early days - 1999. View across the central lake towards Chevet Terrace.
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2000 - The central wildfowl lake with, as it was in those days, the rather barren looking landscape behind. [October 2000]
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1999 -The central lake, dogs at play well away from the swans and ducks. From the Trans Pennine Trail route.
© John S. Sargent January 1999
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The central lake alive with Canada geese. The mine buildings and railway sidings were situated on the far side of what is now the lake.
[John S. Sargent October 2000]
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2000 - The central lake with Woodyard Cottages on the left. The mine buildings and railway tracks would once have been on the far side of what is now the lake. The winding wheels and pit shaft were to the right of the photograph.
[John S. Sargent October 2000]
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2001. The central lake towards Chevet Terrace and Woodyard Cottages.
[22 May 2001]
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2000. Swans on the move at the central lake.
[October 2000]
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2000. Spike Lake before the trees and shrubs got a hold on the area and transformed the view.
[August 2000]
Click to see more.2000 - on the top path of the hill south of Spike Lake looking towards Woodyard Cottages, visible through the gap in the trees right of centre. Spike Lake is just visible on the right.
The mine buildings would have been situated just ahead with railway lines comings towards us to join the main track near Crofton West junction. The shaft top was somewhere just to the left of the path as the path curves to the left.
Landscaping has made it difficult to visualise, let alone locate, the shafts but that might be changing soon. [August 2000]
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2000 - on top of the old southern slagheap. View towards Walton across the small pond area. Since the photograph the vegetation has grown and the area has matured.
[August 2000]
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The top pond on the Shay Lane hill as it was in October 2000.
[© John S. Sargent, October 2000]
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The pond 10 years later.
[© John S. Sargent 22nd May 2010.]
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The Anglers Lake towards Chevet Terrace and Woodyard Cottages.
[July 2000]
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View towards Spike Island and Crofton West Railway Junction, Black Hill (Heath Common) is in the distance
[July 2000]
Click to see more. Midland Mainline, London to Leeds Destination Poster.
Another image from the past.
The company operated the Midland Main Line railway franchise from April 1996 until November 2007. Midland Mainline ran fast and semi-fast passenger services from London to the East Midlands and Yorkshire on the Midland Main Line. Most services ran between London St Pancras and either Derby, Nottingham or Sheffield. Some services extended to Burton-upon-Trent, Matlock, Barnsley, Wakefield Westgate, Leeds, York and Scarborough. The company was owned by National Express.

In June 2007 the Department for Transport awarded the East Midlands franchise to Stagecoach with the services operated by Midland Mainline transferring to East Midlands Trains on 11 November 2007.

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Butterflies by Alison Bullivent
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