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Ings Cottages, also known as Spike Island.

Defintion of
: low-lying fertile land by a river or beck. Drain Beck and Oakenshaw Beck flow into the colliery area and, of course, the Barnsley Canal also passed through it.
In Yorkshire English: "T'watter's gitten ower t'ingses." (double plural) - The water has got over the ings. (Peter Wright, Yorkshire's Yammer, Dalesman Books, 1994)

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Spike Island pre-1970s, by Randolph Horton.
(Courtesy Derek Horton, Randolph's son).
An interesting view of Ings Cottages by someone who lived there

This is the poignant poem beneath Randolph's painting.

Forty-eight houses,
Twelve to a row,
It's really a pity to see them all go.
They were close to the colliery
In the pit yard.
We went through some good times,
But plenty of hard.

It was the place of our childhood,
Midst laughter and tears.
We've wonderful memories
Of those bygone years.
But those houses we knew
Aren't there any more,
They've been battered to pieces
And lie on the floor.

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The Clock ("Spikes") at the Councillor Henry Daley Memorial Garden as they were in 2005. The Spikes memorial serve as a giant sundial.
© John S. Sargent 27th February 2005.
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The Henry Daley Garden Dedication
This garden reclaimed from derelict colliery land, is a tribute and memorial, to the life and work of Councillor Henry Daley (1924 - 1995). The garden reflects his lifelong commitment to protecting and improving the environment for the benefit of local people.
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Ings Cottages 1 during a flood in 1947. There are several old photographs of the pit and Ings Cottages in the public domain, but, on the ground now, it is hard to visualise what this area would have looked like when the pit was here.
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The Spike Memorial now looking far less bleak as the Nature Park matures.
© John S. Sargent 1st September 2010.

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Butterflies by Alison Bullivent
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Walton near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.